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Brad, Joanie & Lia

Hello! welcome to our family of 3!

Our names are Brad, Joanie and Lia. Brad and I (Joanie) met during years at university and have been together ever since, married 11 years this year which seems unreal because I feel like that was just yesterday. We made the decision to seek out adoption due to undetermined infertility issues but also because something was tugging at our hearts leading us down this path. Lia is 4 (almost 5) and is the joy of our lives. We became a family just as she turned one and it has changed our lives in the best ways possible. Both Brad and I are engineers and come from loving families of similar beliefs and morals. As a family we love to travel, play in the yard, swim, go to the beach, take bike rides to the local ice cream shop, cook dinners and play board games.

All 3 of us are excited to share our love with a new addition to our family,