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Francis, Sara, Sy & Liam

Hello, we are Sara and Francis.

We want you to know how much we respect you and the unimaginably complicated decision you are facing.  We are very grateful that you would consider us as a family to love and care for your child.  Children are actually the reason for us meeting in 1997.  We were both working for an after-school program.  Francis noticed right away how energetic and playful Sara was with kids off all ages.  Meanwhile, even though Francis worked in the administrative office, Sara noticed that when Francis did get the opportunity to hang out with the kids he was always gentle and kind.  When we married in 2002, we wanted to start a family right away and were blessed to have our first son, Sy, in 2003.

After trying a few years to become pregnant once more, we decided to contact Catholic Charities.  It is very important for you to know that adoption was and is not a “last resort” for us.  Francis is also adopted.  In fact, he and his older sister were both adopted separately through Catholic Charities.  Because of this, we have always known that children who are adopted are the most wanted children there are.  These are children that have been chosen to join a family.  In 2008, we got the phone call that we had been praying for and brought our adopted son, Liam into our home.  Our son’s are both very academically talented and are recognized by their teachers as bright, polite, and kind to their peers.  Yes, they love playing on the computer and watching TV, but they also love building with LEGOs, competing in archery competitions, building forts, zip-lining in the backyard, and playing in the pool.  Their friends love coming over to hang out in our backyard and to get some of Sara’s famous chocolate chip cookies.

We both come from a large extended family. Sara has three sisters whom she considers her best friends and talks to at least one of them everyday on the phone. As we mentioned before, Francis and his older sister where both adopted through Catholic Charities as Francis’s mom was told she would never be able to have children. To Francis’s moms surprise she did have two more children, Francis’s brother and another sister.   With so many aunts and uncles there is never a shortage of cousins for our kids to play with! Both of our parents live less than two miles away and we pretty much see them every weekend. We also go on large family vacations…they are fun, crazy and filled with special memories.

We feel almost selfish wanting a third child. After going through the infertility process we know that there are families who are desperate just to have one child but the truth is, our family does not yet feel complete. We both feel so strongly that we would love to add a little girl to this family. We just feel that a daughter would be the perfect complement to a home that is already filled with so much love to offer her.

If you decide to choose us as a forever family for your daughter we promise to love and adore her just as we have with our boys. We are open to any type of adoption that you are comfortable with to assure you that we are providing your daughter with all the love that we can possibly shower upon her.

With gratitude,
Francis, Sara, Sy and Liam