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Steve & Paige


We are Steve and Paige. We’ve been together for 9 years, and married since 2015. We’re both originally from and grew up in Indianapolis, but we met and fell in love in Boston. Now, we live and work in Florida with some immediate family nearby, and several who regularly visit to escape the cold. Steve is a college professor and Paige works as a therapist in Tampa.  Together we love to go cook, read, play games, watch Netflix, and hang out with our chickens. Steve can usually be found either grading, playing with legos, yard work, or building something. One thing that Steve has built is a chicken coop for Paige. So, Paige enjoys keeping her chickens, roasting coffee, and selling coffee and eggs to friends and neighbors. When we have vacation and leisure time we might be on the beach or visiting family or visiting family on the beach.

Adoption has always been important to us, and we hope we will have several children in our family. Of course, we would love to have biological children, but have been unsuccessful since 2016. We have family members who are adopted, so it’s something that has been on our minds since before we even began dating. So, early on dating, we talked about it. Now in our marriage, on this adoption journey, we talk about and pray for the family and child who will become a part of ours. No matter where they come from, family background, race or otherwise, we will love them fully and completely.

We are content with whatever the birth family would like to do with regards to the openness of the adoption, and we also want to keep the child’s best interest at heart whatever the decision may be. We are really excited to grow our family, and we look forward to this new chapter in our lives!

Thank you for your time and your love and we are praying for you!