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Lucio, Heather, Ignacio & Lucia

Lucio, Heather, Ignacio and Lucia would like to welcome you to our page and thank you for considering adoption and taking the time to view our profile. 

We (Lucio and Heather) grew up together in a small town, became high school sweethearts and married after college graduation. We have been married for 8 years and knew from the beginning that adoption would be the way our family would grow. Lucio works as a bridge engineer and designer, and Heather is currently a stay-at-home mom while previously working as a school speech therapist.

Our adoptions of Ignacio and Lucia have been a dream come true and have transformed our lives completely. They have brought so much joy to our family and friendsIt has been beautiful to see Ignacio and Lucia grow up and love one another, and we desire to bring another baby to our loving home, for us parents and for them as siblings. With Ignacio, we currently have an open adoption and have been in contact with Ignacio’s birth mother through phone calls, text messages and face-to-face visits. Lucia’s birth parents chose a closed adoption. For our next adoption, we are open to adopting a child of any race or sex. We plan to respect the wishes of the birth parents as to the type of relationship they want with their child. We trust that God will bless us with a child that is meant for our family, that will be lovingly placed in our care by the birth parents.

We come from large families of Mexican-American descent and learned from an early age that family is the most important thing in our lives. We live in Southwest Florida near our parents and are so thankful that our kids can see their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins often. When we are not spending time with our families we enjoy reading books, swimming in the pool, going to the zoo, playing baseball, visiting the beach, spending the weekend at Legoland or Disney Springs, or just being silly and dancing around the house. We love traveling and are always ready to have Ignacio and Lucia join us. We have traveled to Britain, Spain, Italy, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and multiple states. 

As parents, the most important thing for us is that our children, and your child if you so choose for us, grow up with a love for God. We make it a priority to have our children involved with us at church and in prayer. God has placed many challenges in our lives, but without His guidance and grace our hearts would not have grown to love as they do today. We humbly pray and hope that you will consider us as the future family of your child. God bless.