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Adoption Process – You Take The Wheel

Gone are the days when adoption plans were driven by the adoption counselor and the adoptive parents.  Today, with Catholic Charities, YOU as the birth parents are in the driver’s seat.  YOU are in control of the adoption process.

Breakdown of Adoption Process

In the Car

adoption processYOU chose who is in the car with you.  When you chose Catholic Charities, one of our licensed counselors will be in the back seat of the car, helping you to navigate the winding roads of the adoption process.  They can answer any questions about road blocks and detours.

Who else will be in the car with you?  YOU chose the adoptive families that you want to take this journey with you.  They will ride in the back seat with you while you drive.  This journey gives you the time to get to know passengers, as with any road trip it gives you time to chat.

Also in the car are your front seat passengers.  This front seat is big enough to fit as many people as you would like.  The front seat is reserved for your support system, those people who support your adoption plan.  This can be your best friends, family members and the father of the baby.  Remember, they are there to support your choice of routes, not detour you from your chosen destination.

How Fast Will You Drive

YOU control the speed of the car (adoption).  YOU decide when to start the adoption process.  YOU can start as soon as you find out you are pregnant, after you have given birth, or any time in between.  YOU can take your time deciding on your passengers (the adoptive family) and have the opportunity to meet them before you decide.  YOU can also have a backup waiting at the rest stop up ahead, if you want to select a second choice.

Choosing to Get Out of the Car

The goal of Catholic Charities is to ensure that you, as the driver, arrive at your desired destination safely and with all of the support you need.  The final destination is still your choice.  Even after we have started the journey together, we support your right to get out of the car if you decide that you are able to parent.  Circumstances change and a road that you thought was closed may reopen.

The journey to adoption is full of winding roads with many decisions about which way to turn.  You are at the wheel making all of the decisions; everyone else is just a passenger on your journey.

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