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Catholic Adoption Services – What Makes Us Different?

OUR FOCUS IS YOU – Catholic Adoption Services ultimately wants you to make the best decision for you and your child.  We will support you no matter what you decide.

YOU CALL THE SHOTS – You tell us what you want in a family and you get to choose which parents you would like to raise your child. All of our families are located here in Florida as well. You decide what you would like the relationship to be between you, the child and the adoptive family.

WE ARE LOCAL – You decide if you would like to come to our Catholic Adoption Services office to meet with us or we can come to you! All of our counselors are at locations around Florida.

WE OFFER RELIABLE LIFETIME SUPPORT – Even after you make an adoption plan, you will need ongoing emotional support, and we are here for you.  Whether it is immediately, or 20 years after placement, a professional adoption counselor will be available to you for counseling at no charge.

Catholic Adoption Services for Birth Parents

  • Respect for your confidentiality
  • Counseling and support before, during, and after the placement of the child
  • Counseling as needed with family members, including other children, boyfriend, or husband
  • Help with arranging financial assistance and transportation for medical expenses, living expenses, food, and maternity clothing
  • A network of community resources
  • Assistance with the level of openness you wish for your adoption plan
  • Adoptive family profiles for you to select from, if desired