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Florida Adoption Process

Confidential Consultation

Call our office to inquire about our Florida adoption process and how to get signed up for our next orientation for more information.

Home Study

To adopt a child you must have an approved home study. We offer home study services to prospective adoptive parents.  Our home studies are completed in a timely fashion, at a reasonable price and include education about the adoption process. You can utilize our home studies with any adoption entity.  If you wish to be considered for placement through Catholic Charities in the future we prefer to complete and/or update your home study.

Wait List

Catholic Charities adoption agency adds couples to our waiting list throughout the year as we have openings. There is an adoption application along with the home study process.  We would be happy to begin the Florida adoption process with you.  When there are openings on the waiting list for Catholic Charities, we cannot guarantee you a spot, but you will be given first consideration if your home study was completed and approved by us.

Adoption Orientation

Orientation gives a broad overview of how the Florida adoption process works. This is a chance to have general questions answered. Information about adoption in the state of Florida as a whole as well as how Catholic Charities specifically approaches adoption will be covered.  Orientation typically occurs twice per year.  Call us for the date of our next orientation.


Birth parents will be presented with adoptive couples’ profile books.  A birth mother may choose solely based on the profile, or she may elect to meet you in person to solidify her decision.  The adoptive couple is expected to make room in their schedule for this meeting when it is requested.


The child is typically placed directly into the care of the adoptive couple from the hospital after the birth parent(s) has/have signed consents.  Catholic Charities will provide post-placement visits and reports until the adoption is finalized.