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Birth Parent Stories

Here are a few of our birth parent stories.  Birth mothers and parents make decisions based on where they are in life.  No two adoption stories are alike as you will learn from the stories shared by our birth mothers.

Birth parent stories

“My adoption plan changed my life and opened doors to helping others in the same situation I was in. It feels good to give back to Catholic Charities, it is my way of saying Thank you.”

“After being shameful of completing an adoption plan, with the assistance of Catholic Charities counseling services, I am able to stand tall and hold my head high knowing I made the best decision for my baby.  I know it takes a strong and loving mother to share a precious gift.”

Nikki's Video

“Catholic Charities helped me through a time when I wasn’t sure what to do. Leesa came over and talked to me through everything and I think the most important thing she said was ‘I’m here for you, call me anytime.’ Just to have that support to fall back on was a great relief to me. That’s what the whole experience was about. Find someone that not only cares about the baby I was carrying, but about me as a person.”

“If it wasn’t for Catholic Charities, I never would have found the wonderful home for my son two years ago.  I also would not have had my younger brother that my parents adopted through Catholic Charities 41 years ago.  Catholic Charities gives women a safe place to turn to when they are in an unexpected situation.  Thank you for the help and guidance you provided me when I needed it the most.”