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Meet Our Waiting Adoptive Families

Many women facing an unplanned pregnancy may not be ready or able to parent but want what they feel is best for both themselves and their baby. Adoption is a loving option. It is a courageous decision to carry and nurture their baby and to make an adoption plan  for their baby. Adoption today puts the birth mother/birth parents in control, they choose the type of adoption plan (open,  closed, semi-open) and they choose the adoptive families they feel will love and care for their baby in the manner they feel is best for their child.  As a pregnancy help clinic, we have a licensed Adoption Agency and can help answer your adoption questions.

The Adoption Agency can provide you with step by step information on the adoption process as well as the profiles of potential adoptive parents.

Every year, thousands of women make the adoption decision, primarily because they love their child and want their child to have a life filled with both love and opportunity.   Here’s are a few of our waiting adoptive families.